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5 Ways to Upend Stress

From time in nature to sleeping on big decisions, doctors and elders have taught humans ways to destress for success. What are the best practices from time immemorial?

Make a Self-Care PACT

These historic times demand your wisest self. That starts with self-care. Make a “PACT” with yourself. Learn what UpEnd doctors and elders say about Pausing, Asking, Choosing, and Tackling for the best brain pathway development.

Sleep on It

The most successful people on the planet use sleep strategically. Learn from Silicon Valley giants, Yale professors, indigenous elders, transformational course creators, and corporate motivational speakers on how sleep plays into experiencing life to its fullest.

Are You a Warrior, Lightheart, Lover, or Mystic?

Learn what an archetype is and how it enhances your spiritual development. Professors and elders from around the world use storytelling to teach humans best practices. Learn what that looks like in 2022.

4 Steps to Transform Triggers

Trauma is something humans have always experienced. Why do some survive and thrive through trauma, while others fail and flail after? Brain, body, and being can be transformed by triggers. Learn best practices from neuroscientists and the world’s elite spiritual leaders.

Listening Your Listening

There’s a little voice in your head. “What voice?” it just asked you. Learn from doctors and elders how to listen your listening to open up relationships including career growth and intimacy with family members.

Smart Versus Wise

Forget about that boy in sixth grade who called you dumb. It doesn’t take smarts to be wise. Being wise is heeding the advice of what’s worked through the centuries. Are you able to pause and take in that wise action? Speak with UpEnd Master Teachers on how to distinguish what is smart and why wise wins the day.
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