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Doctors and Elders Create a Wisdom Teaching Movement to Upend Stress

Learn Practical Wisdom Skills From Time Immemorial

Dr. Elvir Causevic, Esq., runs a Silicon Valley tech investment bank by day, and a wisdom school by night. Known for his successes pioneering brain-scan devices at Yale and his dealmaking on Wall Street, he is now focused on helping bring living wisdom back into our daily lives. He decided to put his money where his mouth is, walk his talk, and bring together trusted thought leaders on wisdom and life success. Now, he and other doctors and Elders are out to “upend stress” by teaching others practical wisdom skills.

Earlier this year, after several years of design and testing, Causevic was preparing press materials for the launch of UpEnd, a new social enterprise behind the movement to reignite humanity’s core wisdoms. Then the Ukrainian war broke out. Dr. Causevic reflected on his personal family struggles during the Bosnian war in the 1990s and his own refugee experience in the U.S. It moved him to immediate action to use his resources and network for good. He united doctors, elders, life coaches, and other thought leaders who teach the skills of self-care, wisdom, and success as he organized a fund-raiser for Ukraine and other war-torn regions.

Upend the Stress

UpEnd teachers — like Dr. Causevic, Indigenous leader Dr. Anita Sanchez, and psychologist and life architect Dr. Ray Blanchard — are committing to teach adults the best of cross-cultural philosophies and perennial wisdoms, backed by latest neuroscience findings. They’ve created free tools and resources accessible to all at upend.com, as well as hands-on, live Zoom classes to help build practical wisdom skills. The goal is simple: upend stress and common life challenges we are all facing these days, and create more peace, abundance, and joy in our lives and our society.

Pandemic. War. Climate. AI & Crypto. Polarization. Great Resignation. FOMO.

Stress, anxiety, and trauma swirl in most people’s thoughts. What do top teachers say about best practices to destress, so you can find contentment in your life and “flow” with all that’s going on today?

People want a good life for themselves and their loved ones. They want to catch wins, outsmart problems, fill their hearts, and enjoy peace. It takes more than smarts and hard work to make today's complex lives wonderful — it takes wisdom.

People are capable of learning wisdom skills and shifting their life narratives for the better. Top PhDs and teachers who have a beat on best practices from around the world are leading participants through the Ways of Wisdom so that we can all live well. Think of it as putting wisdom into practice and having the top teachers lead you through challenges you're facing, aided by certified life coaches in 1:1 sessions, to turn insights into simple practices you can use every day.

Refresh Your Wisdom

Humanity has faced big challenges since time immemorial, overcome many, and created new worlds — sometimes wisely, sometimes not. But lessons were learned and stored. Our ancestors, genes, bones, and spirits remember, even if many of us think we've forgotten. At UpEnd, the focus is to refresh "the how" of having a good life and how to be of service to others, even during the times of war.

Ask: What Works for Me, for All Around Me, and for the Next 7 Generations?

Online “spiritual entertainment” alone can’t provide the deep guidance needed to make our lives work anew. UpEnd offers online meetings facilitated by expert leaders to go beyond new-age hacks and tap into the proven lessons that recur millennia after millennia, across all human traditions & cultures.

Ancient wisdoms hold surprisingly powerful lessons immediately useful in our modern lives. The first humans in Africa, ancient Asians, Egyptians, Greeks, Sufis, Buddhists, various Indigenous peoples, and so many other great cultures could hardly be more different in many ways. Yet, behind the mosaic, they share a few common wisdoms such as deep noticing, courage, abundance, joy, reciprocity, balance, and more.

Learn which common human & Earth wisdoms are most useful today, in the real lives of regular people — just like you — and how you can best embody and practice them.

Who and What Is UpEnd?

UpEnd is an eclectic mix of Master Teachers and Elders from many walks of life, who’ve invested a lifetime in helping others learn to live well. Over the past several years we’ve created several programs for people at all stages of life, by braiding together ancient wisdoms and latest neuroscience. The programs are delivered in a modern way — with a human touch. The main program is called the {Opening}, a guided, easy, 90-day journey with teachers, certified 1:1 coaches, and peers to learn wisdom skills and practice them. It’s not “the answer” and there are no “secrets” — instead, it is a beautiful and practical opening to what is possible and how to use wisdom teachings to live a good life today. {Opening} is made for good people with busy daily lives, and it’s focused on actual, tangible results for you. If you win, we've won.

The core lessons of ancient wisdoms can be learned and practiced in just a few months, but it takes an integrated way of learning, not like in school: we are using our bodies, souls, hearts, and minds — and each other, guided by Elders and supported by coaches. We tested the approach in live classes, and it works — people loved it. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really, because applying wisdom skills has made life good for people for millennia and millennia, the world over.

UpEnd is a new kind of live online school — a fun place to learn and practice living wisdoms through experiential classes, real 1:1 coaching, a supportive community, and lots of great content — all in a good way. We created our {Opening} for individuals, and we are working on organizational and corporate programs next.

The 5 Promises of the 90-Day {Opening} Class:

Discover your "Top 10 Wisdom Skills."
Reveal surprising sources of wise inner guidance.
Name your unique gift, task, and medicine.
Meet fun people and build a supportive crew.
Relax, laugh, and enjoy!

PRESS RELEASE 9/9/22 Refugee to Success
PRESS RELEASE 6/8/22 UpEnd Raises $10,000 for Ukraine Relief

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